Am/Can CH. Jade Mist Beyond Tradition, ROM/ROMC



American Champion offspring

Dillon's 56th CHAMPION finished, putting him in a tie for 4th place all time producing sire  


1. CH. Ourcroft Just Beyond
2. CH. Malpsh Unforgettable
3. CH. Jade Mist Backward Glance
4. CH. Clearsky Pristine Kel Lee
5. CH. Jade Mist Summer's Coming 
6. CH. Jade Mist What A Life
7. CH. Jade Mist Play Me A Memory
8. CH. Fran-Dor's Kelcie 
9. CH. Shadymist Summer Tradition
10. CH. Cataway Jade Mist S'No Illusion 
11. CH. Cataway's Bewitching
12. CH. Barwoods Above N Beyond
13. CH. Barwoods Beyond Reason
14. CH. Dublin Hill Touch of Jasmine
15. CH. Regalia's Beyond Belief
16. CH. Mcpenn Ilsaden O'Jandy
17. CH. Barwoods Firestorm 
18. CH. Sedgwick Cocoa N Cream Pekoe 
19. CH. Sunway Panorama 
20. CH. Cataway Scattered Showers 
21. CH. Barwoods Brushfire
22. CH. Enclave Jade Mist Tapestry
23. CH. Bernbrite Breakin' Tradition
24. CH. Figures Little Miss Honkytonk
25. CH. Ryladd Says Dream 
26. CH. Laureate Beyond Illusion 
27. CH. Dublin Hill Holiday Tradition 
28. CH. Jade Mist Once Upon A Lifetime 
29. CH. Cataway Selwyn Charisma 
30. CH. Cataway Born To Be Wild 
31. CH. Springtime American Tradition 
32. CH. Rumor's Savanah 
33. CH. Jade Mist Cove Winds Jet Stream 
34. CH. Domaine's Destiny
35. CH. Jade Mist New Sun Rising 
36. CH. Integra Bach Jump Back Jack
37. CH .Romayne's Sportin' Legacy
38. CH. Barline Beyond the Beat
39. CH. Malpsh Doctor Doctor
40. CH. GorDon Jade Mist Next Edition
41. CH. Romayne's Dream of Happiness
42. CH. Karral Traditional Values
43. CH. Chariton's Midnight Lace
44. CH. Jade Mist Novah
45. CH. Chisterling Beyond the Sun
46. CH. Willow Cove's Wildcard
47. CH. Ryladd Family Tradition
48. CH. Starhaven's Caramel Kisses
49. CH. Idle Hour Beyond the Mist
50. CH. Seawood Beyond the Stars
51. CH. Darmil Softly Soaring
52. CH. Weeluv Barline Reba Ilemist
53. CH. Peacewynde Kandisweet Mariah
54. CH. Legend's Barline Summer Girl
55. CH. Jade Mist Perception
56 CH Windy Creek Sea Oak Grand Slam


 Canadian Champion offspring


1 Can. CH. Barline Beyond The Beat
2 Can. CH. Barwoods Brushfire, ROMC
3 Can. CH. Bonnyville's Beyond The Hunt
4 Can. CH. Cove Winds Hot Pursuit
5 Can. CH. Domaine's Destiny
6 Can. CH. Dublin Hill A Toiuch Of Jasmine, CD
7 Can. CH. Enclave Jade Mist Tapestry, ROMA
8 Can. CH. Laureate Beyond Illusion
9 Can. CH. Laureate Just Imagine, ROMC
10 Can. CH. Laureat Preferred Property
11 Can. CH. Lyricisle's Kiss Me Kate
12 Can. CH. Rumor's Coco Chanel
13 Can. CH. Rumor's Savanah 
14 Can. CH. Skyhaven Song Of The South
15 Can. CH. Tapestry's Crazy For You
16 Can. CH. Tricounty A Step Beyond
17 Can. CH. Tricounty Tapestry Esquire
18 Can. CH. Truespirit Lyricisle Gibsongal
19 Can. CH. Truespirit's My Sweet Lady
20 Can. CH. Truspirits Sablewind Sunshine
21. Can. CH. Sunbriar's Dreamboat Annie







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