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"Puppy joy"


oops.... Ace and Buddy


Laddie in the snow



Laddie's Garden
"How many puppies have their very own garden where toys grow...?



Laddie the Shetland Duckdog




Laddie having the ZZZoom Zoomies


"When challenged by his older sister Allie,  Conner changes into a GIANT MONSTER PUP...."



It must be the genetically altered food!


Innocent Sabrina

What mess?



Jacob, self-appointed head Reindeer, says: 

"Listen Edee, listen Millie and Lexie, it's Santa on the roof.  Right on time, just like I promised....."



"Spoiled........?  Me?"





Top Left = "Summer"--- Ch. Legend's Barline Summer Girl
(by Ch. Jade Mist Beyond Tradition ROM/ROMC ex Ch. Ilemist Much Ado)

Top Right = "Sophie"---Jade Mist Aletian Cosmopolitan
(by Am./Can. Ch. Classy Tresta Bronson ex Jade Mist Between Friends)

Bottom Left =  "Gracie"---Jade Mist High Society
(Bronson ex
Jade Mist Feathers In The Wind)

Bottom Right = "Kaylee" ---Jade Mist Between Friends
(Ch. Barwood's  Raise A Ruckusex Ch. Jade Mist Play Me A Memory)




"Kaelie says:  You have a short nose for a Sheltie.''



"Kaelie in trouble again"



Krista in her favorite place



Carol and the gang:  an Autumn walk in the woods



Christmas Night.  So many chewies, so little time.....




Memo's first show, and first points, at 6 months



Summer at 12 weeks



Dillon, with Annie from his first litter



Chamois at 7 months



Memo at 4 months




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