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"Bad Cody: "I'm so sorry Dad........"


Riley as an "underdog"



Krista (Memo ex Tracy) at 10 weeks



Dillon celebrates his 10th Champion



Cindy-Lou (and friend) at 7 weeks




Zachary, relaxing at home with friends



Dillon at 6 weeks



Kaylee at 10 weeks
(Ch. Barwoods Raise A Ruckus ex Ch. Chamois)



Zachary at 10 weeks



Kirby taking a break with his Boss



Kirby: I've read all the books!  Now can I eat the treats?



It is a little known fact that many truly great pianists play by nose, rather than by ear.


Corky says:  What do you mean, "Why am I in here?"  I'm a Sheepdog, remember?


Corky says:   "Let me help you find it"



 Corky lives in The Netherlands.  He thinks they grow funny Butterflies there


"First, you sneak up very quietly, then GOT YA!"





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