Anyone with a Jade Mist Sheltie, past or present, with performance titles in ANY venue,
is encouraged to send the dog's information and photo (or a link to a photo) to Jeannie
Selby at


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Jade Mist Genes By Design CD

Ch Darmil Tuscarora X Jade Mist Kirkfair Enchanted
Owned And  Loved By Cindy & George Karn





Am/Can CH Lira Jenlen Caliente UDX PT VCX VER RN

Am/Can Champion Jade Mist Memorandum ROM/ROMC x Am/Can Champion Jenlen More N A Pretty Face
Salsa is now a UDX!!!  There are only 6 other CH-UDX shelties ever, so she joins a very select group of shelties who are not only beautiful but smart 





BIMBS U-CH Can CH Lira Invitation To Dance UD PT HSAds HSBd VCX

Am CH Jade Mist New Sun Rising ROM  ex  Am/Can CH Lira Jenlen Caliente UD PT Can CDX UKC CDX VCX 





MACH Charm's Get On Your Mark CGC, NF, JM, AAD, ASA,AS, AR, AJ, NAC, NJC

Markie was bred by Anna M. Casey.  He is sired by CH. Jade Mist Memorandum ROM
out of Charm's Darling Lili.  Markie started his career as a breed dog, under another handler.   Despite great success in the puppy classes, Markie's heart and spirit were unfulfilled.  I became his agility trainer/handler.  His spirits soared to new heights.  He was not fond of sitting and wasn't crazy about food.  What he really loved was digging, playing, fetching, barking, and swirling.

I had to learn to handle at high speed, as my first agility dog was slow to  moderate.  We zoomed from Novice to Excellent in seven months.  Markie earned his Novice Standard title in 2 weekends, Open Standard, and Jumpers in 2 weekends,  EX A Standard in 2 weekends.  All legs from Novice to Excellent A have been in the ribbons:  11 first place, 5 second place, 2 third place.  The MX and MXJ titles included several plain Q's  Then we had to regain contacts, and startline stays!  The path to MACH was slower, but obtained June 3 2006 at the Clarion County Dog Obedience Club's trail held in Cheswick, Pennsylvania.  Despite his small stature of 14.25" Markie still holds his own in the 16" class with all the smaller bc's, and aussies, placing in the ribbons about 70% of the time.  This is saying a lot in the highly competitive state of Ohio.

Markie eventually became mine to keep.  He is a perfect companion, and great ambassador for the breed.  He is quite a gentle soul - a Mahatma Gandhi of dogs - Friendly with big & little dogs, people, children.  He loves to sing!  He is easy to live with, but can go from dead pan to high drive in a snap.  He is a seven year old puppy.   Markie will be competing at his second AKC National Agility Championship March 2007.  He is more than halfway to MACH II. 
"Submitted by Barbara
Klonowski, owner and handler"



Jade Mist Beeming Sun, OAJ, SJ, SS  to: MX, MXJ, XF, AD, SSA, SG, AJ, SS, SJ

CH Jade Mist New Sun Rising  ex  CH Trevanne's Hycrest Syanne




Golden's Sleepy Creek Trapper CDX, TDI


  Jade Mist Beyond Tradition   ex   Ridgewood's Cherish Secret




ADCH Caora's More Bounce to the Oz MX MXJ MAD JM RM

Ch Caora's Sweet Summer Breeze x  Am/Can Ch Jade Mist Memorandum ROM ROMC



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